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Does your fur baby need a new roof over their heads, or a blanket to keep them warm at night when they’re not cuddling you? Here at Store 4 Paws, we offer a one stop shop for all your doggy needs, including Italian made dog harnesses and medium to large dog kennels for sale throughout Sydney and Australia. We also carry a fantastic range of other accessories, including feeders, pet doors, beds, toys and more!

Our harnesses and other doggy supplies are second to none!

The saying ‘dog is man’s best friend’ is something many dog owners take very seriously (ourselves included). A dog is there for you through thick and thin and always maintains impossible levels of enthusiasm for that much needed self-esteem booster after a tough day at work. Not only that, but unlike some friends, a pup won’t forget your birthday, borrow all your things or make up excuses when you want to hang – your four legged friend always has time for you! This is why it’s important to make sure your dog(s) have the best leashes, plastic kennel and other supplies available in Australia to keep them happy.

We offer the complete range!

With both medium and large dog kennel sizes available as well as high quality Italian made harnesses and leashes for Sydney residents and those throughout Australia, we aim to cater to all your pet needs! Take a look at our canine toilet trays page and bungee leashes for the most reliable pet products.

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