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As hard as it is to stay mad at the adorable and innocent face of your pup, there comes a limit to everyone’s patience. If you don’t have the luxury of a backyard or a section of lawn for your dog to go about their business, our indoor toilet tray available in Australia is the perfect alternative for you. Designed to simulate a patch of lawn, this tray design is ideal for those living in apartment buildings, townhouses or small flats without forcing them to sacrifice the companionship of a dog!

Great for both indoor and outdoor dogs!

Whether your pup spends most of their time out frolicking in your backyard digging holes just for the sake of it, or indoors following you around like a fluffy second shadow, we have the products for you. Our superior indoor dog toilet tray can be delivered throughout Australia and offers a convenient and hygienic solution for managing your pet’s waste.

We understand that it’s hard to leave your fur baby outside on those cold nights, even with a decent kennel, and instead have the guilty habit of letting them share your bed. However, unless you have a doggy door, you may have to contend with a mess in the morning. This is where our pet toilets can provide an easy solution.

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