Improve Walkies Time with our Anti Chew and Bungee Dog Leashes

Do you sometimes come back from walking your pup feeling as though you’ve had the chiropractor go several rounds with your shoulder socket? If your dog has the pulling power of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, but is blissfully unware of their own strength, then choosing a bungee doggy leash with the ability to absorb some of the shock will spare you a lot of pain and aggravation.

We carry a range of leashes and dog harnesses, including anti-chew models for those pups with a tendency to destroy everything they can sink their teeth into.

Benefits of investing in anti chew dog leashes

Many dogs have the same few objectives that they must complete on a daily basis in order to fulfil their doggy needs. Chief among these is their never ending crusade for food, their mission to dig as many pointless holes as their paws will allow, and finally, to cause as must destruction as possible. Whether this be all of the lovely beds and toys you get them (which they enjoy for a minute before promptly annihilating), you’ll want to make sure you have an anti chew dog leash to keep them under control when you need to most!

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