Australia’s Home of the Cat Litter Box

Nothing says your feline friend loves you more than when they leave you a lovely wafting surprise on your bedroom floor. As fun as it might be scouring every corner of your home each morning with the vigilance of a mine sweeper looking for potential nasty surprises, investing in a quality litter tray is an ideal alternative.

If you're a long-time cat owner, then you’ll be very familiar with the attitude of indifferent superiority cats project at all times, strutting about your house like they literally own the place – which let’s be honest, they kind of do. It is this casual disregard for the law of the human that results in most cats pooping wherever they see fit. Forgo the frustrating steam cleaning bills and invest in our reliable cat litter boxes available throughout Australia.

Enjoy your pick of the litter!

All bad puns aside, we aim to offer quality cat litter trays in Australia so your cat can go about their business in style. If you’re a little bit pressed for space, don’t resort to sharing your bedroom with your cat’s toilet, we have both small and large tray models to accommodate a variety of living situations. If you’re two or three felines away from becoming the next crazy cat lady, then your litter box is sure to be experiencing a high flow of traffic (another pun there, sorry). This means you’re going to need a product to meet the needs of a clowder of cats (that’s the actual name for a group of cats – look it up if you don’t believe us!) 

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