Tips for Cat Lovers: Choose the Right Litter, Tray, and Placement

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If you have a cat, you will definitely need a litter tray, as well as litter. You also need to place it at the right spot to minimize the odour and visibility, as well as ensure your pet will actually use it, as cats are notorious for NOT going where you want them to go.

The placement of the tray is an issue you should consider with extreme care. Choose a spot in your home that is out of the way so that you or your guests don’t stumble upon it by accident. However, it should be easy for the cat to reach. A place with some ventilation would be best as even the best self-cleaning litter boxes don’t eliminate 100% of the smell.

What Type of Litter Tray Is the Best?

The most popular styles of litter boxes are:

  • Open trays of varied depth
  • Closed trays with/without a cat flap

Both types have merit, and some cats have personal preferences regarding their litter box. The closed variety is getting more popular today, because it’s the most convenient kind for pet owners. This design also allows the pet some much needed privacy, which is essential for many cats.

Training your cat to use a closed litter tray from a young age is best as this way it will adapt to it more easily. Today you can buy self-cleaning products that allow for maximum convenience of for the owner.

Litter Spinner will clean itself within 20 seconds with a simple turn of the box, and will reduce odours to the maximum – Buy Now

Remember that cats prefer trays that give them enough space to move around freely, so you need to pick your litter box based on the size of your furry friend.

What Kind of Litter to Choose for Your Cat?

There are a great variety of litter types today. They are made from paper, wood, silica, corn, etc. When shopping for litter, you should keep two important things in mind:

  • How are you going to dispose of it?
  • What are your cat’s preferences?

The first question will determine whether you should look for a flushable or biodegradable kind of litter. Asan offers a great product made of paper pallets that can be easily flushed down the toilet with no risk of clogging your pipes – Buy Now

Silica gels are good in neutralising odour and highly economic, but many cats dislike them. If you have a pet used to living outdoors, choose a fine, sand-like litter that will resemble the substance cats favour naturally.

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