Easing Puppy & Kitten Anxiety with Snuggle Pets

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As much as you would love to be there to snuggle your puppy or kitten on a daily basis, unfortunately this is not always possible. If staying at home and playing with your pet babies was a fulltime career, we’re sure you would be the first to line up but until that glorious day, obligations such as work and sleep will get in the way. This is where the idea for this ingenious product emerged from, providing an alternative to snuggle your puppy or kitty when you can’t be around.

Features of this product include:

  • Includes a "Real Feel" pulsing heartbeat which lasts up to two weeks with 24/7 use on one set of AAA Alkaline Batteries (included with purchase)
  • Includes two types of warmth. One is microwavable and one is disposable
  • Eases crying, loneliness and separation anxiety in pets
  • Machine Washable when heart is removed

Snuggle Puppie Types

Brown Mutt, Brown & White, Golden and Black Lab — Buy Now

Snuggle Kittie Types

Tan Tiger - Buy Now

Snuggle Pet Kits

Both Snuggle Puppies & Kitties are also available in Kits  — Buy Now

Smart Pet Love is a manufacturer of "Soul Satisfying Pet Products". Since 1997 we have been making a difference for stressed out animals all over the world with The Original Snuggle Puppies and Snuggle Kitties. With a real feel "pulsing" heart beat and warmer packs they are sure to make a difference for your pet too.

Loneliness, fear (car ride, thunder) and anxiety are just a few the concerns virtually eliminated with use of our products. Not only for new puppies and kittens but for rescue animals from baby "Joeys" (Kangaroos) in Australia to orphaned Raccoons in Minnesota (USA).

Our products do not require you to put your pet in a straitjacket or to medicate them.

Ideal for offering a snuggle for your puppy or kitty when you can’t be there, these products are fantastic for calming a variety of different animals.

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