The 10 Most Expensive Cat & Dog Breeds You Never Knew Were Available

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  1. Tibetan Mastiff - $2 million: This was most likely a fluke. In 2014 a puppy did sell for this much, however they usually sell for far less (around $2000). They are large creatures, with males being significantly larger and boasting impressive "manes" of hair.
  2. Asheras - $125,000: These hybrid cats have leopard-like coats. There is controversy about whether this breed actually independently exists, or is merely the Savannah breed with a marked-up price.
  3. Savannahs - $20,000: These stunning animals are about the size of a small dog and are slim. They have spots, which come from the African Serval Cat. They follow their companions around and are considered extremely loyal.
  4. Bengals - $5,000: Because these are hybrids descending from leopard cats, it is recommended to look for a pet in a fourth generation Bengal. That way their temperament will be ensured to be quite friendly and calm. They love attention, and can jump exceedingly high heights.
  5. Persians - $3,500: Despite their perpetual frown, these cats are extremely quiet and loving. Their long hair and flat face make them extremely cute, and their temperament means they are ideal for apartment living... But be warned, they are notoriously fussy over their food.
  6. Bulldogs - $3,000: Known as silly, loveable, and company-orientated animals, they can live for up to a decade. The Bulldog family has numerous branches, including some breeds which are regrettably extinct.
  7. German Shepards - $2,500: These are notoriously expensive if you are looking for a pure bloodline. They are sharp, intelligent, and notoriously active dogs. While socialisation and proper training make them wonderful pets, they have been known to be prone to anger.
  8. Peterbalds - $2,500: With their short coats and long necks, these Russian cats are described as smart, loving, active yet gentle. They are said to be fantastic choices because they fit well into families, and can co-exist well with other animals.
  9. Irish Wolfhound - $1,000: These canines are sometimes jokingly said to be the Irish national dog. Their breeding roots lay in hunting, but are noted to be quirky and extremely individual in nature – they apparently make good guard dogs.
  10. Basset Hound - $600: These vocal dogs get on well with children and other pets. While bred for hunting, they are loving and playful companions to the point of sometimes being described as "docile".

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