FurKidz Dog Ramp 1.52m Up to 50kg

FurKidz Dog Ramp 1.52m Up to 50kg

  • $125.93


A lightweight, portable, folding dog ramp provides dogs with easy access to the car boot and vehicle load spaces.

Your dog might not have the leaping ability to get into the vehicle anymore, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave them behind. With a car ramp your dog will be able to cruise with you, wherever you may want to go.

If your dog is recuperating from an injury, a dog ramp for a car can minimise joint stress when getting in and out of the vehicle.

If you are caring for a senior dog, you can use a dog ramp to ease your dog’s aches and pains. And you can reduce the chance of preventable injury when your dog is entering or exiting the car.

This portable pet ramp is made of durable, heavy-duty plastic to handle even the most robust use. Additionally, it is lightweight and can be closed into a singular compact unit with a handle for easy storage.

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