Catnip Scratch Pad Narrow

Catnip Scratch Pad Narrow

  • $9.84


If left without something around the house to scratch, you’d better believe that your cat will find something to scratch… So save your furnishings and more, with Catit’s clever Catnip Scratch Pad: it’s so simple, but oh-so clever!

The inexpensive corrugated cardboard construction encourages your cat to let loose their natural instinct to bare their claws and scratch…but if that’s not enough, catnip can be sprinkled across the cardboard, where it will fall into the tiny holes to further entice your cat.

  • Made from corrugated cardboard.
  • Satisfies your cat’s need to scratch.
  • Inexpensive scratch post can also be sprinkled with catnip to encourage further play.
  • Narrow shape for smaller cats.
  • Catnip is included!

Dimensions: 48cm x 12cm

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