Catit Cat Senses Roundabout Spinner

  • $48.09


  • Exciting interactive toy designed to entice and entertain your cat for hours on end
  • Contains a unique spinning rod that propels a ball around inside the toy
  • Simply tap the start button and watch as the revolving ball entertains your cat and entices play
  • Great for chasing, pouncing, batting and stimulating your cat’s natural hunting instincts
  • For added engagement, the top of the rod has fibre-optic bristles that light up in the dark so that your cat can enjoy playing at night as well as during the day
  • Includes clear windows for a perfect view of the ball and multiple openings for easy access to the ball
  • Fantastic for exercising your cat and providing mental stimulation
  • Multiple openings for curious paws
  • Fibre-optic lights add to the excitement and fun of play
  • Catnip is infused into the ball which your cat will find irresistible
  • Connects to other Catit Design Senses products
  • Does not include batteries - Uses 3 x AA

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