Altimate Pet Diapers

  • $27.54

Altimate Pet Diapers

Keep your furry pal comfy and dry - and your mind at ease with Altimate Pet Disposable Pet Diaper. Designed for female dogs in heat, or incontinence and excitable urination - these super- absorbent, leak-proof diapers feature adjustable tabs that are easy to secure with no peel strips and the elastic material allows a snug and perfect fit. The unique wetness indicator changes color to let you know when it's time for a new diaper.

Simple slip your pet's tail through the diaper hole, wrap the diaper around each leg and pull the adjustable tabs around the belly to secure.


Available in 5 different sizes !

  • Toy - 385x255mm (20)
  • Small - 450x320mm (18)
  • Medium - 555x400mm (13)
  • Large - 650x410mm (12)
  • Giant - Giant 680x460mm (11)

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