Piddle Place

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Whether you live in an apartment or are hitting the road with your pet, it isn’t always easy to find a place where they can do their business. Piddle Place is a convenient, eco-friendly solution that will reduce hassle for you while keeping your cat purring and your dog’s tail wagging. It can even be used to toilet train new pups and kittens.

The design includes a highly porous, reusable turf pad and an enclosed plastic base. Unlike the mess involved in cleaning up disposable pads, which are harmful to the environment, the turf pad can be washed and reused time and time again and is made from non-toxic PVC. The tray underneath catches all waste, allowing you to simply tip the contents into the toilet without any mess. It even comes with a lid, making it easy to travel and keep your pet happy!

How the Piddle Place makes your life easy

For best results, prepare the base tray with Bio+ Treatment Concentrate to breakdown waste and deodorise the area while using the Bio+ Treatment spray to freshen up after any accidents or spills (both sold separately, first dose of Treatment Concentrate included). We also offer protective guards in two different styles, giving the area extra splash protection while adding a cute design to match the personality of your pet!

We recommend keeping the pad away from any pet food and maintaining the surface by regularly emptying the tray and washing the turf. The Piddle Place is available to all our customers in Australia and is completely pet-safe, odour-free, easy to clean and a cost effective alternative to disposable pads — it ticks all the boxes!

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