New Puppy Essentials

A new bouncing puppy is coming your way or has already arrived! What are the essentials you need to get started?

A collar is important so your pup gets used to wearing one, and also, so you can grab him/her when you need to - Patento Basic Collar. A leash is also handy for use at puppy training classes and if you need to head off to the vet or need to restrain puppy for short periods of time - Bungee Pupee Medium Leash. Harnesses can be good for young pups that are getting used to collars or that are sensitive to having something around their neck - Tre Ponti Liberta Harness.

Puppy training pads (or wee wee pads) are really useful for night time or inside time. They are impregnated with a smell attractant and help to keep toilet mess in one spot - Savic Piddle Pads & Savic Puppy Trainer Starter Kit.

A bed for night time sleeping is needed - Coopet Folding Dog Bed. Preferably something that is raised off a cold floor so they stay warm and is easy to clean and reduces pest infestation. You can even add a blanket to it for extra cosiness - Snuggle Puppie Blanket. Outside a kennel will be needed with a pad inside for softness and warmth. Plastic moulded kennels are better than timber as they don't rot and can be hosed out and treated with flea/tick spray without having crevices for dirt and pests to crawl in to - Petmate Barn Kennel & Petmate Dog Kennel Pad

Designated pet food and water bowls are also essential. There are also auto dog feeders and water fountains. The fountains aerate the water which makes it more appealing and better tasting for pets - Pet Diner Auto Large Feeder and Pet Diner Water Bar.

Toys! Your puppy will like lots of toys to play with and most definitely chew, chew,chew! All for Paws Dental Dog Chews and Dogit Latex Rocking Wobblers.

If your puppy is afraid of sleeping by itself and is fretting. We have fabulously effective Snuggle Puppies that have been used to even comfort orphaned Australian wildlife. They have a heartbeat and warmer pack that soothes the puppy and keeps him company.

We also have Europet Dog Doors that can put into walls and doors so pup can wander between inside and outside and a Piddle Place dog toilet for "inside" dogs and so much more.

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