New Kitten Essentials

A new kitten or cat has been added to your family, so what items are essential for those early days?

If your cat is an "inside only" cat, you'll need the following basics to get you started; kitten designated water and food bowls, a litter tray with litter is super essential, a scratching post so they don't sharpen their claws on your furniture and some toys to entertain them since they aren't able to entertain themselves chasing insects outside, plus a bed for kitty to snooze. If kitty is having trouble settling into life away from the litter, you can comfort him/her with a Snuggle Kittie pet comforter with heartbeat and warming pack. It takes the stress away of being alone.

If your cat is an "inside/outside" cat, you will also need kitten designated water and food bowls, a collar with a bell so birds are alerted if your cat goes to pounce and possibly a cat door that allows puss to come in and out as he/she pleases. Depending on whether you intend to lock puss in the house at certain times, you may need a litter tray with litter, cat scratching post and a bed for sleeping. Cats do spend most of the day asleep!

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