Nylabone Extreme Chew Kabob Alternative Chicken - Souper

Nylabone Extreme Chew Kabob Alternative Chicken - Souper

  • $42.49


    • A fantastic durable toy to keep your dog occupied and happy
    • This toy is ranked as a POWER chew toy for extreme strength jaws
    • Long-lasting, yummy amusement that will keep your canine’s tail wagging all day long
    • The kabob bone shape was inspired by nature and will entice your dog’s natural instincts to hunt!
    • Provides a fantastic alternative to real bones because this special bone is safer and cleaner for your dog
    • Satisfies every bit of your dog’s urge to gnaw
    • Provides mouth-watering entertainment with yummy chicken flavour infused right through the centre
    • The delicious flavouring will keep your dog coming back to play every day
    • The unique design, dynamic shape, and delectable taste encourage your dog to play
    • Provides mental and physical stimulation for a happy and healthy pet
    • Prevents boredom and destructive behaviour around the home 
    • Helps relieve stress and anxiety by keeping your pooch busy on the chomping process
    • Made from strong nylon material and synthetic flavouring
    • Dental textured surface promotes oral hygiene, healthy gums, and helps prevent bad breath
    • Fun shape and design will add to your pup’s excitement to play  
    • Veterinarian recommended
    • Can be washed with water to clean
    • Available in 3 sizes – Regular (small), Giant (large), and Souper (XLarge)


    • Regular: 14cm x 2.5cm x 2.5cm
    • Giant: 21.5cm x 3cm x 3cm 
    • Souper: 27.5cm x 4cm x 3.5cm

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