Litter Kwitter Cat Training System

Litter Kwitter Cat Training System

  • $101.65



What is the Litter Kwitter?

An Aussie invention, created by Jo and Doogie, it trains your cat in 3 Easy Steps with no tools! Perfect for use in apartments where space is at a premium, or multi-toilet households, the Litter Kwitter uses three disks that you fill with litter during the three-phases of training. As your cat becomes accustomed to each phase, you reduce the size of the litter tray (and increase the hole size) until you can remove it altogether.

The Litter Kwitter is made from the same material as firefighter hard hats so it's solid enough for the heaviest cat.


  • Clean and Easy to use with No Tools Required
  • Easy to Remove & Replace
  • Can be used in all homes, and is especially great if you live in an apartment
  • Solid and does not flex, so it supports cats of any size and weight
  • Developed with Animal Behaviourists
  • Endorsed by Animal Welfare Organisations

Your Original World Famous Litter Kwitter Kit contains:

  • Special White Seat that fits all standard toilets
  • Three Colour Coded Training Discs
  • Step-by-Step Training DVD (shows you how to do it)
  • Additional Instruction Manual (in case you don't have a DVD player)

How does it work?

  1. At the Red stage your cat will learn to go into the bathroom whenever he needs to do his business. He will also learn to hop up onto the toilet to do it.
  2. At the Amber stage he will learn to navigate around a hole into the toilet pan and will begin to balance on the rim. He will also begin to rely less on litter as he goes through the hole.
  3. At the Green stage he will be going through a hole into the pan and will be balancing entirely on the rim of the pan. His need for litter will reduce to nothing. By the ends of this stage the regular toilet seat will be lowered into place & your cat will be toilet trained.

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