Catit Nylon Cat Adjustable Harness and Lead Medium Red

Catit Nylon Cat Adjustable Harness and Lead Medium Red

  • $21.30

Neck: 20cm - 35cm
Body: 35cm - 50cm
Lead: 1.2m

The Catit Adjustable Harness & Leash Set is made from safe, comfortable and durable nylon material.


  • Snag Proof
  • Custom Fit
  • Quick Release Snap
  • Includes Bell



Neck sizing: To find the correct size for you cat, measure around your cat's neck then add 5cm/2inch (approx the width of two fingers able to fit between the cat and neck portion of the harness).

  1. Open chest and neck pieces by pressing on the sides of the plastic snaps
  2. Adjust by shortening or lengthening loop portions around neck and chest.
  3. Allow enough room so that a finger can slip between the cat & harness so as to not obstruct breathing
  4. Secure around cat by snapping buckle shut
  5. Attach leash to center back ring


DO NOT LEAVE CAT UNATTENDED while wearing harness or attached to leash. Inspect harness and leash on a regular basis for wear.

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