Catit Cat Senses Speed Circuit

Catit Cat Senses Speed Circuit

  • $39.66


  • Interior slopes - Gives natural variance to ball movement.
  • Washable - Can be separated, washed and left to air dry.
  • Compact design - Purrrrfect size for smaller spaces and apartment living.
  • Sturdy design - Even the rowdiest of cats can't destroy this toy!
  • Made for paws - Smooth Openings in the clear blue top allow for safe proper play. WONT damage paws.
  • Pet Sitter - Keeps pet focused on their toy and not yours!
  • Illumination Motion-Activated Ball - Helps focus your pet on pet specific toys and not on you during undesirable hours. The right toy for the pet with 'play with me at 3am' syndrome.

INCLUDES: 1 solid white round base, clear half open top for instinctive style play, set up instruction, and 1 'catch me if you can' interior glow ball. 

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