Catit Cat Senses Scratch Pad Centre

Catit Cat Senses Scratch Pad Centre

  • $24.51
  • Save $1319


  • Multi-layered rounded holes - Gives the life-like feel of trees and other natural surfaces while massaging paws and filing off dead nail debris.
  • Large rounded base - Durable design keeps scratch pad in place! Won't be knocked over and damaged.
  • Hunt and play aspect - Simply add a small toy or treat to holes and BAM, you have a dual pet activity! Added catnip also included!
  • Refillable - No need to by a new base! Simply remove the old 'used' cardboard and insert new.
  • Can be linked to other Catit Senses units to create a fun, changeable play centre.

INCLUDES: 1 multi layered refillable scratch pad, 1 durable white and gray base, and 1 catnip allows for focused cat claw and play.

Catit Senses will become your favourite Pet Sitter - While you're away at work, your pet still 'feels' your love with plenty of activities. 

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