Catit Cat Senses Play Circuit

Catit Cat Senses Play Circuit

  • $32.16


  • Dual Play action - Endless hours of focused fun.
  • Durable - Solid white base with opened clear cover, this toy will stay put.
  • One Touch Propelled - With a flick of a kitty paw, it's 'get your play on' time!
  • Focused Play - WIth this cat specific toy, your pet plays where YOU want them to, eliminating unwanted destruction of non-pet-specific /furniture in your home!
  • Right Size - Not too big, not too small for home or apartment living.
  • Can be linked to other Catit Senses units to create a fun, changeable play centre.  

INCLUDES: 1 white contoured plastic swivel  base. 1 smooth action ball, 1 blue clear open cover, "get that ball" plastic play top.

Catit Senses will become your favourite Pet Sitter - While you're away at work, your pet still 'feels' your love with plenty of activities. 

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