Catit Cat Senses Massage Centre

Catit Cat Senses Massage Centre

  • $34.01


  • Catnip Sachet - Localised catnip keeps your cat focused on their toy and not running amock all over your home.
  • Two Large Bristle Pads - A allow for the ultimate "get your rub on" experience.
  • Gum massagers - Allows pet to scent while removing plaque build up on teeth.
  • Body Stroke Groomers offer easy intense massage area - Helps self-groom
  • Accu-pressure mat provides pressure-point paw massage
  • Variety of surfaces and sculpted textures along with 'replaceable parts' if needed.
  • Plenty of Senses add-ons - create a complete circuit of fun!
  • Can be joined to other Catit Senses units to create a fun, changeable play centre.

INCLUDES: 2 green bristle pads, a blue ripple massager, catnip sachet, white plastic base (solid), and a green gum stimulator. 

Catit Senses will become your favourite Pet Sitter - While you're away at work, your pet still 'feels' your love with plenty of activities. 

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